Enjoying Isolation

It’s day 27 of my self-isolation. Actually, it began as self-quarantine because I left work sick with a cold. I did the online health test and it suggested a 14 -day quarantine. There were no breathing difficulties, just basic cold symptoms that had been lingering for a long period of time. But due to being over 50 and apparently having a sluggish immune system, my boss and I felt that I needed to sit this one out.

Since October 2019, I began a new career as a Q.C.W. which stands for qualified cannabis workers. I love my job, and it saddened me to have to walk away not knowing if I will have my position there at the end of all this coronavirus craziness. For the first week of my isolation, I dealt with anxiety. The level of anxiety was like nothing I had felt before. I kept asking myself if it was my personal worries of finances, and contacting the virus or was I feeling the collective vibe of fear as an empath. By the end of the week, I decided it didn’t matter who or why it was occurring in me, but rather that it needed to end. I began to embrace yoga time and creating a healthy environment and wholesome foods for my family and me.

After realizing I still had power in the situation, I decided to embrace this time of isolation as an opportunity to plug back into spirit, nature, and myself. Then I made sure to get signed up for the CERB, and take care of my health.

Moving forward; since I last talked about Urns, I was working on some ceramic pieces that I was convinced would be fabulous. My artistic side was in love with some of the urns I was puttering with, but the practical side had to step in and list the reasons why using ceramics was not the best path for me to continue with. For one thing, they can break when dropped. That wouldn’t be very cool. Also, the process of creating an urn from using ceramic molds can be costly. There were a few other variables as well, but those are my top two. Having come to that conclusion, I needed to come up with something better. Environmental issues were one of the concerns that I had. I wanted to make something that did not require an energy carbon footprint to create it, and it needed to be biodegradable and use recycled materials. Unfortunately, this part of my life has taken a backseat to the job that pays the rent and I am not as advanced as I had hoped to be at this time. But no matters, that is the gift in this isolation; getting back on track with artistic creations and getting grounded.

At this time, I am not ready to unveil what I am working on because it is still in the process stage of figuring out what techniques work best, but I can say that I have achieved my goal of finding a medium that fits my expectations for being biodegradable, durable and uses recyclable / natural materials. One of the nicest things about it is the tranquility that it offers me at this time. As you all know, having your life slowed right down can be an internal challenge, and I find having an artistic project is very therapeutic and calming. 

Stay Safe Everyone!

Remember to visit my Face Book page Forget Me Not Studios where I will be actively posting.

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