2020 The Awakening

We are halfway through the year 2020 and it has been one hell of a ride thus far. One thing after another is destabilizing our world. Whether it is physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally, the life-altering events are rolling in and taking us into new directions. These abrupt shifts have got us flying all over the place. Well, put on your seat belts, because we are only at the halfway mark.

For the past six months, I have been observing the patterns and activities that have been unfolding. From those observations, I think it is safe to conclude that the going-on’s of our times is indeed parallel to the numerology of this year being 2020. 

The number twenty is the number of Awakening. Double that and it is a double awakening, but even more interesting the equation becomes four. 2+0+2+0=4  Four is the number of stability or instability. In the Tarot deck, the number twenty is represented by the Major Arcana card Judgement. So what does all this mean? It means we are in a period of time when our society is being shaken up at such a high notch that the old paradigm can fall apart and we have the opportunity to rebuild it. It means that each and every one of us is given the opportunity to have an honest look within ourselves and question our true values. It means that the old high society people running the show is having the curtain removed, like that of the Wizard of Oz.  As we take things apart, we rebuild. Things like social injustices and racism have taken the lead in our sixth month of introspect. These events are forcing society to dissemble what is not acceptable and create a structure that provides true equality. The number twenty suggests bringing about new ideas, new purposes, new ambitions, and sacrifice to do so. I think seeing thousands of people getting beat by police at a peaceful protest during a pandemic to stand for #BlackLivesMatter would be an example of that. Many people truly endangered themselves to do so. And then to see them win with intelligence, kindness, and integrity. And justice.

The number four is what really interests me. The four vibration means changes in all areas of life. It’s about reform movements that liberate and create equal rights for minorities. It is the number of brotherhood and sisterhood. This is part of the collective stability that becomes the platform of our society.

But it is also the number of finding stability in all areas of one’s life. Mental, physical, environmental; these are all parts of us that need to have stability. Most people are too busy to slow down and take time for self-reflection. It is interesting that because of this pandemic everyone around the planet has been forced at some point to isolate and faced with the proposal of self-reflection, self-healing, self-honesty. We will either find inner stability, or inner chaos. So far, the whole isolation thing has either been a nightmare or a blessing for people. Being alone with ourselves is not always an easy thing.

The number four is also about “process”. In order to create change, there must be a process. In order to build something, there must be a process. To heal…process. To achieve goals…process. To make a change…a process.

Another aspect of the twenty vibrations is associated with Judgement.  I don’t see this as the sky parting and we become judged by paranormal entities. I think if we take a moment and look at the behavior that is taking place all over the internet and our neighborhoods we can see enough judgment.  It’s like a judgment on speed dial. It’s like a pandemic of judgment out there. People judging each other. People are judging themselves. It’s political. It’s personal. It’s out of control. It’s almost comical.

The life we knew before 2020 is no longer here. This energy of the twenty and the four is bringing us to the next paradigm. The future is still unfolding and we are all equally in a position of not knowing what is coming next. Many people have lost their personal possessions, their jobs, and their loved ones.  The pain is real. And it isn’t going away anytime soon. 

So what do we do? The only answer that resonates with me right now is to stay diligent on what is happening around me and my family. I have surrendered to the knowing that I don’t know. But what I also discovered is that although the life we knew before is no longer here, we have an amazing opportunity to decide who we want to be when we come out on the other side of this. We can be healed on so many levels. So we do have some choices and we do have some power in this. We can be a part of shaping a collective future as well as a personal future. As we fight for the survival of our people, meaning humanity, we learn how to be humane. We can harness the power of the number four and create a beautiful foundation for all to co-exist. And with this awakening comes responsibility.

Stay safe everyone. Help out your neighbor. And remember to love yourself.

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